Cheeky Wipes Bamboo Makeup remover pads - with Wash Bag - 10 Pack

Cheeky Wipes

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Luxury Bamboo Makeup remover pads - with Wash Bag


  • 10 - large padded plush and bamboo makeup remover pads 11cm,
  • Soft reusable face pads, plush on one side with gentle bamboo on the other, use with coconut oil or your favourite oily or soapy cleanser.
  • Includes drawstring wash bag

How to use bamboo makeup remover pads

Switching to reusable make up remover pads is the easiest eco-swap you can make. Our bamboo reusable makeup remover pads are extra large at 11cm wide and can be used on all skin types as they're super soft!

  • take some cleanser and apply it gently to your face with your fingertips
  • organic coconut oil works really well, or your preferred oily / soapy cleanser
  • run one of our cleansing pads under warm / hot water
  • lightly wash away the cleanser from your face
  • place the face wipe under cold water then softly refresh your face to close pores
  • pop in the laundry bag for washing wash in the washing machine with your next washload
  • dry and reuse

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