Getting Started with Cloth

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Why Choose Modern Cloth Nappies for your baby?

The Answers are Simple:

Gentle on Baby: Did you know that disposable nappies contain chemicals, up to 200 different ones like Polyacrylic Acid, Dioxin and Polypropylene. Many of these chemicals have been classed as toxic and linked to issues with the immune system, fertility, skin irritation and more. Modern Cloth nappies, particularly those made from organic materials are gentle on babies skin and provide security in knowing you aren’t exposing your bub to unhealthy chemicals. Modern Cloth Nappies care for your baby. The only thing that is near your baby's delicate skin is the soft natural fibres, so why take the risk with disposables!

Ease of Use: Modern Cloth Nappies are very easy to use. There are no pins or covers needed, they go on just like a disposable and at change time just remove any solid waste in the toilet and dry pail them. They are NOT meant to be soaked. (Gone are the days of the wet bucket). Modern Cloth Nappies only need to be washed with half your usual amount of detergent and sun dried. The sun naturally kills germs and bleaches any stains.

Leakage: Modern Cloth Nappies should not leak. They use PUL, wool, fleece etc, to keep mess in and unlike the old sweaty PVC covers, they allow your baby's skin to breath. There is the odd occasion, where like any disposable, they can leak for heavy wetters. Mostly leaks are a result of a new nappy not yet reaching its’ full absorbency (this occurs after 6-8 washes) or a nappy that hasn’t been correctly fitted.

Environment: Providing a safer, cleaner world for our child to grow up in should be at the forefront of any parents mind.  In Australia alone over 1 billion disposable nappies are delivered to landfill every year. They can take as long as 300 years to biodegrade. That means the disposables used now are going to out live our children. Modern Cloth nappies are made by renewable resourses like hemp and bamboo. These crops need little water and little or no pesticides. Cloth is reusable, so far fewer individual nappies are used per child, and cloth nappies will eventually break down.

Cost Savings: Modern Cloth Nappies are great for your budget. On average disposables will cost you well over $3,000* in the time your baby is in nappies (not including wipes or other products needed). A good modern cloth system plus laundering costs will cost less than $1,300 and that’s based on using a dryer and top loader, so there is potential to save even more.   

*based on 6570 nappies (6 a day over 3 years) at 50c per nappy (cheaper nappies will leak more requiring more changes)
**based on 24 PREMIUM nappies, part time dryer use (twice weekly), 3-4star top loader electricity and water costs

So that’s a saving of $1,985 minimum and if you use these nappies for multiple children just imagine the cost savings!

Which Style of Modern Cloth Nappies to Choose?

Each baby is unique and when it comes to cloth nappies this means your babies needs will be unique too. Your baby's size (waist and leg width) will all make a difference as to which nappy suits them best. You might find your baby is a heavy wetter that needs more absorbency and you will certainly need a different nappy for daytime to nighttime use. Below is a quick guide to the common styles of nappies available, but each brand will have a slightly different make/cut so be sure to read the product descriptions for each nappy to find the one that suits you and baby best.


All-in-one (AIO) nappies are all one piece. they have all the layers sewn together with a waterproof layer on the outside. this makes them the closest in design to a disposable nappy. They are simple to use but can be slow drying (depending on the fabric used)


All-in-Two nappies are very similar to AIOs but the absorbent inner layers are designed to snap out of the outer waterproof layer for washing. This means a quicker drying time.

Pocket Nappies:

Pocket nappies have an opening (pocket) between the waterproof cover and the nappy lining where the absorbent insert is placed.
This means quick drying times as all layers come apart for washing and means you can add more or less layers as required for your needs. 

Fitted Nappies:

Fitted cloth nappies are a completely absorbent nappy which requires a separate nappy cover over the top. They can be made from a variety of materials but are usually very absorbent


Prefolds and Flats are closest in style to the old terry cloth nappies. They require a cover but are simple and trim to use.

What You'll Need

To get started for one baby you'll need around 20 - 24  nappies which allows for washing every 2 - 3 days. The more you have in your stash the less worry about having to wash and dry the nappies in time for their next rotation. 

You'll also need a nappy pail or laundry bag of some type to hold the wet nappies until wash day. Extra's you might find useful are: nappy liners (to keep the nappy free from soiling or to protect the nappy when using thick barrier creams), wetbags for holding your wet nappies when out and about and a nappy sprayer for helping clean soiled nappies at change time.

Baby Blossom Recommends:

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I need a super SIMPLE nappy.
One that is easy for daycare and babysitters
AnchorMonkey Doodlez All in One (microfleece or bamboo) or the Blueberry Simplex
I need an absorbent night nappy and I don't mind using a cover Baby Beehinds Night Nappy
I need an absorbent night nappy - I can't be bothered with a cover RAWr Stuff n Snap or Motherease Duo
I need a trim nappy as some nappies are too bulky for some of babies clothes Peachy Green or Designer Bums
I want a system with a cover I can re-use at change time Blueberry Capri or Motherease Duo
I want a super SOFT nappy Any Minky variety of nappy will suit. Try the Blueberry or Candies
I need a nappy that my determined baby can't get off themselves Any variety of nappy with snap closings will suit.
I need a specific nappy for newborns Try the Pebbles Newborn or Simplex Newborn
I need the most inexpensive option available and i don't mind using a cover Try prefolds like the Grovia or Thirsties
I only want natural fibres against babies skin Try Blueberry Simplex or Blueberry Capri covers and insert sets 
I need a nighttime solution for my 19kg+ toddler Try Motherease Bedwetter Pants 
My bub has chunky thighs Try Blueberry or JTC nappies