We understand that although it pays off in the long run, the initial outlay for cloth nappies can be quite substantial, so we offer layby for approved customers for orders over $100.

Please choose Direct Deposit as your payment method at checkout and tick the layby option box to initiate a layby.
Layby Terms & Conditions:

We offer layby terms over 10 weeks for orders over $100 in total. Please email us to discuss if you require a longer term.
10% deposit is required at the time order is placed. If no deposit is received within the week following, the order will be assumed as cancelled and we will cancel the order so stocks can be put back into store.  No exception.
Payment is required weekly or fortnightly. You will need to note the order number and place the word "Layby" in your direct deposit transfers so it can be traced accordingly.
If you cancel your layby at any time the 10% deposit will not be refunded.
Layby is offered to assist you so you can order the goods you love over a period of time.  We can not hold onto stocks for long periods of time- we don't have the space nor the manpower or time to chase up orders all the time.
Please also take a look at our "Packages and Bulk-Buy" category as this can also help you SAVE money on your nappies.
For more info please feel free to contact us.