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Cheeky Wipes Essential Oil

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Size: 10ml or 50ml

Directions for Use:

  • A few drops of our Oil Fresh Wipes Blend are added to water with Cheeky Wipes Cloth Baby Wipes (in a Fresh Baby Wipes Container), for a beautifully smelling, chemical-free alternative to disposable wipes!
  • When the oils are properly diluted they are safe on babies skin, however it is recommended that only water is used on newborn’s until they are 6 weeks old.

  • Lavender & Chamomile: 95% Lavender Essential Oil from France and 5% German Blue Chamomile Essential Oil from Hungary.  Lavender has antiseptic and anti fungal properties, and is really soothing which makes it lovely for using on young children. Plus it smells fabulous! Chamomile is well known for its soothing effect on children and is great to calm irritated skin. Perfect for those little baby bottoms!
  • Tea-Tree & Tea-Tree Lemon: 50% Tea-Tree Essential Oil and 50% Tea-Tree Lemon Essential Oil, both from Australia. Tea-Tree is a powerful antiseptic, anti-bactericidal, fungicidal essential oil. Tea-Tree Lemon is a sweeter, lemony scented Tea-Tree Oil, less medicinal smelling and used extensively by the old Maori’s for burns and irritations of the skin
  • Mandarin, Lemon Scented Tea-Tree & Tea-Tree: Cold-pressed mandarin essential oil has a sweet light fruity scent and is the gentlest of essential oils, safe for use in pregnancy and on children. We've blended it with 20% tea-tree lemon and 10% tea-tree to help keep your fresh wipes smelling sweet. The Cheeky Wipes Tea-Tree Lemon is a sweeter, lemony scented tea-tree oil, less medicinal smelling and used extensively by the old Maori’s for burns and irritations of the skin.

CAUTION: If you are concerned about sensitivities or allergies, we suggest you test a few drops diluted in water on the skin.

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