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Learning to swim is so vital, and so are the amazing benefits of water-play for your child's development, however disposable swim nappies can be costly and are also creating unnecessary waste. So we launched our One-Size-Fits-Most Reusable Swim Nappies! Our swim nappies are designed to contain solid waste with their single gusset feature. They are reusable and washable, saving money and excess waste!

Our swim nappies are not designed with any added absorbency, as they will become too heavy in the water for bub - with the danger of weighing them down.

They are designed to be lightweight, with leg gussets to contain safely number 2's, but allow for water and urine to flow through. You can, however, add in one of our inserts for when bub is OUT of the water- by laying it in the shell for a layer of absorbency, but as a precaution rather than a snap-in feature.

Designed in two size options: One-Size (4 - 15kg) and XL (10 - 25kg). Nappy options are One Size unless listed otherwise.

Upgrade to a Wetbag/Swim nappy bundle:  Includes 1 swim nappy and 1 matching large water-resistant wetbag (wetbag is 35 x 40cm and has a double pocket allowing you to store dry and wet items separately. Handy wrist-strap makes it easy to hang over door, pram or nappy bag.) 



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