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Keep your baby close to your heart with this clever and comfortable carrier.

The experts at Caboo designed this carrier so babies can get the comforting sleep of being close to a parent. Newborns particularly love the sound of a parent’s heart beating. It acts as a soothing reminder of life inside the womb, when they could hear mum’s heartbeat loud and clear.

Caboo means ‘to be close to someone’ and it is one of the UK’s most popular baby carrier brands. Parents all over the world love its range of affordable, stylish, practical and cosy baby carriers.

Caboo is great for newborns, older babies love it too!





  • this is a recently updated and redesigned version of the bestseller, launching in late 2018 these carriers have a new lighter fabric with an intricate pointelle camo print design on the front part of the wrap.
  • it features wider straps, stretchier binding and new colours, making it easy and comfortable for parent and baby
  • complies with international and Australian Standards for baby carrying products
  • wider straps distribute weight evenly for extra comfort
  • padded back and cross panel for a comfortable carry
  • clever design that uses rings for easy adjustment to fit—no fussy buckles
  • can be configured in multiple hands-free positions including
  • during seated breastfeeding
  • on the hip for older babies
  • ‘frog legged’ for newbornsrecommended for best development of hips and spine
  • secure straps support baby’s whole body
  • excellent head and neck support—essential for newborns
  • use from birth2.3 kgs (5lbs) and upwards

Better for babies

Babies love to be snuggled close to parents, chest to chest. This carrier gives baby the comfort they’ll love, nestled safely in the best positions to support their little growing bodies. It allows baby to snooze in the “frog-legged” position, which is recommended by experts over the world as the safest way for babies to sleep in carriers.

Better for parents

Get out and about hands-free with this easy and practical baby carrier. With gender neutral colors, this carrier offers all the features you’d expect without the designer price tag. Breastfeeding is a breeze in the Caboo lite but this position should only be used when feeding seated. The lightweight fabric is breathable, making it great for hot Australian climates.


Additional Info

  • fabric composition: 60% cotton 40% polyester
  • please read all product instructions carefully before use


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