RAWr Prefold Trial Pack - Newborn

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Prefold Trial Pack - Newborn

Size one RAWr prefolds fit snugly in the Mini 360 waterproof nappy cover on it’s largest setting, while the Size Zero fits best on the smallest setting. It fits from 0-6+ months. Both hemp and bamboo prefolds can also be worn using pins or a snappi nappy fastener which allows them to fit an even greater range of ages, the mini 360 fits perfectly over a fastened prefold on it’s medium setting.

This pack selection includes:
1x Size One or Size Zero Bamboo Night Weight Prefold
1x Size One or Size Zero Hemp Day Prefold
1x Mini 360 Newborn Cloth Nappy Cover

RAWr prefold nappies are a more traditional, no fuss approach to nappying. Simple to use and wash, durable and great value for money. Hemp nappies are designed with absorbency for day use of 2-4 hours wear, super heavy weight bamboo nappies are designed with absorbency for night use of 10-14 hours wear. Approximate sizing:

  • Size Zero: approximately 0 – 3 months (2.5 to 5.5kg)
  • Size one: 2 – 12 months (4.5 to 9kg)



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