Mother-ease Part Time Wizard Nappy Packages

Mother-ease Part Time Wizard Nappy Packages

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The Wizard Duo & UNO Part-time Nappy Packages provide you with a days worth of cloth nappies, to allow for washing every night. 

The Wizard Duo nappy is a two part cover and insert system while the Wizard UNO is a complete all-in-one nappy.  Each nappy is available in either a stay-dry or natural cotton option.

Wizard Duo Sizing:
      One Size (10-35 lbs) *One Size Cotton is on backorder - allow 2 weeks delivery*
      Newborn (6-12 lbs)
      Small (8-18 lbs)

Part Time DUO Package comes with:

10x Absorbent Duo Fitted Inserts
5x Wizard Duo Covers


Wizard UNO Sizing:

      One Size (10-35 lbs)
      Newborn (6-12 lbs)

Part Time UNO package comes with:

10x Absorbent UNO nappies


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