RAWr Hemp Terry Prefold

RAWr Hemp Terry Prefold

RAWr Nappies

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RAWr Nappies Prefolds made from Hemp Terry:

Made from durable, environmentally friendly hemp terry in a 2x3x2 design making 7 layers of absorbency when folded.

RAWr Nappies hemp terry¬†prefolds are designed to be ‚Äėpad-folded‚Äô and laid inside the¬†360 Cover,¬†any other PUL covers or the¬†Toddler-One-Size Pocket¬†to use as a¬†simple, hardwearing and absorbent¬†cloth nappy. They are¬†easily boosted¬†if required by placing an extra insert inside before folding.

Hemp Terry Prefolds can also be stuffed inside the Stuff n Snap AIO Night Nappy and  Soakmaster 1000 Fitted Night Nappy which is a great night nappy solution for heavy wetters!

  • listing is for¬†one prefold nappy
  • one of the most¬†simple¬†and economical¬†solutions¬†in cloth nappies
  • hemp¬†has antimicrobial qualities and is the most¬†environmentally sustainable choice¬†in cloth nappy fabrics
  • made with¬†a¬†generous width¬†and has¬†natural elasticity¬†for most folds that require fastening with pins or nappy fasteners
  • soft, breathable¬†and¬†20-30%¬†more absorbent¬†than cotton prefolds
  • use¬†pad folded¬†in a cover or pocket shell, or¬†fold and fasten¬†with pins or a nappy fastener to use under a cover¬†
  • easy to clean,¬†quick drying¬†and can be dried in the dryer if required.

Weight Range

  • Size Zero 0-5 months (up to 5.5kg)
  • Size 1¬†(34x34cm) to fit¬†360 Cover¬†on it‚Äôs small and medium rise settings, approximately 2-12 months, (4.5-9kg)
  • Size 2¬†(40x40cm) to fit¬†360 Cover¬†on it‚Äôs medium and large rise settings, approximately 6-30 months.(7.5-12kg)
  • Size 3 2 - 6 years (11 to 24kg)
    ¬†‚Äď Also fits inside Stuff n Snap AIO, Toddler One Size Pocket and Soakmaster1000 Night Fitted Nappy!




We recommend dry pailing (placing soiled nappies in a dry pail after rinsing, until washing) but advise against leaving a soiled nappy longer than 2 days without rinsing or washing.

Cold or warm machine wash. Hang or lay flat to dry, can be dried in electric dryer on cool setting. No bleaching, fabric softener or soaking required. Full RAWr Nappies care instructions are included with purchase and can be found here.

We prefer Tri Nature ALPHA PLUS laundry powder and pre-wash soaker for use with Modern Cloth Nappies, inserts and covers.

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