Cushie Tushies Waterproof Nappy Bag

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Cushie Tushies Waterproof Nappy Bag

How do you deal with the dirty nappies when you're out? Easy! When you’re out and about, you can now accessorise your modern cloth nappies in style with a Cushie Tushies Waterproof Nappy Bag!

Each Waterproof Nappy Bag comfortably fits around four Cushie Tushies cloth nappies, and features a handle with snaps, so you can tie it over a pram handle, nappy bag or door handle. Each Waterproof Nappy Bag also comes with a matching wipes wallet that snaps onto the side of the bag.

Available in a selection of our most popular designs and made from soft minky lined with a water resistant layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate). There is no need to rinse the soiled modern cloth nappies – simply roll them up and place them in the bag to transport safely home.

Each Waterproof Nappy Bag is approximately 35cm x 30cm. The wipes wallet is approximately 28cm x 16cm and would easily fit in plenty of cloth wipes and a small bottle of foaming wipes wash.

Both the Waterproof Nappy Bag and wipes wallet open and close with a zipper for fast, easy access and to contain smells effectively! Caring for these Waterproof Nappy Bags couldn’t be easier – simply wash together with your nappies!

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