Bummis Original Nappy Cover - Clearance

Bummis Original Nappy Cover - Clearance


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Bummis Original Nappy Cover
1 Only Left - Old Stock - white colour has yellowed 

If you are using any type of FLAT nappy, this is one of the best lightweight nylon cover available. Special features of the Bummi Original:

*The SMALL size is modified with an innovative Velcro™ closure design to ensure super softness and a fit that really works on the average newborn. *The NEWBORN size is great for tiny, hard-to-fit newborns; especially preemies, twins, and triplets - An interior mesh lining increases the flow of air as well as helping to hold the diaper in place.

*A super adjustable three inch tummy panel of velcro that won't wear out.

*Soft and stretchy lycra bindings around tummy and legs. Suitable for home washing only, and need to be cared for properly. Wash in lukewarm water and hang to dry. Please avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents.

Sizes: NB 2-4kg Small 3-6kg Medium 6-9kg Large 9-13kg

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