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Monkey Doodlez Pull Up Swim Nappy

Add some excitement to your swim time fun with these gorgeous embroidered swim nappies from Monkey Doodlez- another quality product!

Whether or not you are a cloth nappying family, these little swim nappies are for you!

They are worn directly against the body and are for use in most any water environment to keep little messes in the nappy where they belong.

The outer layers are available in a rainbow of colours to add some colour to your water adventures! The nappy inner is lined with a very soft polyester fabric to ensure baby's comfort. This nappy will not absorb water, so you can be assured of a good fit no matter how long you play!

The legs and waist are finished off with soft and wide fold over elastic to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Fun to wear! Environmentally friendly! Economical! Just wash and reuse all year long

Small 4.5 - 8.1kg
Medium 6.8 - 11.3kg
Large 11.3 - 15.9kg
X Large 13.6kg

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