The Cloth Nappy Box


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Bubblebubs  Cloth Nappy Box has all the nappies you'll need from birth to toilet training with some extra accessories to help you on your cloth nappy journey.

 The Cloth Nappy Box Includes:

24 Bambam Newborn Cloth Nappies
6 Newborn Covers
4 Snappi (for doing up your Bambams- no more old fashioned pins)
18 Candie One Size Fits Most Cloth Nappies (no covers required)
1 Change Mat (for when you need to change a nappy away from home)
1 Ultimate Wet Bag (to store used nappies until you wash them)
1 Pod Wet Bag (to store 6 Candies when you are out of the house)
1 Double Pocket Wet Bag (for when you are out and about)

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