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The Mesara Ultimate is a full-cut, super absorbent pad constructed with our exclusive microfiber core to provide unrivaled protection!

The wider design uses elastics to mold the shape of your body. 

The Mesara Ultimate, with its 10 cm width and curved shape, quickly absorbs a sudden gush of fluid without worry or bulk - making it an ideal choice for those with incontinence or a heavier menstrual flow.

Topped with our soft stay dry fabric to create a cooling and comfortable dry feel - you can be confident with your Mesara Ultimate.

Backed with the same lightweight, high-quality, waterproof PUL that Mother-ease is known for in order to eliminate the chance of leaks.

Finished with our nylon binding edge to create a leak-free barrier between your underwear/clothing.

Fabric Composition

Surface: Stay Dry, 100% polyester
Core: Microfiber, 100% polyester
Exterior: PUL (polyurethane laminate)



  • Size 10 x 23 cm
  • PUL backing to stop liquid
  • Two snap (metal) closure - for the slimmest design
  • Absorbency: very high, microfiber, 100% polyester
  • Layer against skin: our buttery smooth stay dry fabric
  • Thickness: very slim
  • Shape: full cut with elastic contour
  • Use: incontinence and/or menstrual
  • Made in Canada by Mother-ease®


  • Rinse in cold water immediately after use to stop stains setting
  • Store in wetbag and wash within 48  hours
  • Wash using high-quality detergent in HOT water
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low

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