Brolly Sheets Car Seat Protector

Brolly Sheets Car Seat Protector

Brolly Sheets

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Brolly Sheets has those little accidents covered with their Waterproof Car Seat Protector. It’s perfect for long (or short) car rides for use in booster seats, buggies and high chairs as well … wherever little bottoms need a little extra protection.

Absorbent and waterproof, they’re a lifesaver for little accidents in the car or the pushchair. They’re also great to sit under wet togs or catch ice cream drips on the way home from the beach or pool (and even for expectant Mums just in case your waters break!).

Easy to use, simply sit the Protector on top of your car seat and thread the buckle through the gap. For booster seats, buggies or high chairs, simply sit the Protector on top.

With a 100% cotton top, our Car Seat Protector offers a comfy ride for little behinds.

  • Simple and affordable
  • 100% cotton top for comfort
  • Dimensions 32cm x 36c

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