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The Best Bottom Training Pant is economical, easy to use and the #1 choice of toddlers!

Through thorough testing, toddlers chose the Best Bottom Training Pant because it looks and feels like REAL underwear! The soft and stretchy cotton outer with wick-resistant trim makes it easy for them to pull up and down on their own. The waterproof zone on the inner protects from accidents and allows you to snap out the wet insert and snap a new one in, reusing the training pant and saving you even more money!

How Many Inserts? (inserts sold separately)

You'll need as many inserts as you'll have accidents. If your toddler is having frequent accidents or is in the early stages of potty training, you may want more FeelWET™ one size inserts. As potty training progresses, you can use even just one insert per day as long as there aren't any accidents! If the insert does get wet, just snap it out, wipe the inside of the pants clean and snap in a new insert! When soiled, a new pair of training pants is necessary. Many customers use 6-9 inserts per trainer when their toddler is potty training.

Best Bottom Potty Training Pants


Size Weight Waist Rise
Small (2T) 9-12.7 kgs 38-50.5cm 19.5cm
Medium (3T) 11-15.8 kgs 40.5-55.5cm 20cm
Large (4T) 13.5-18.1 kgs 43-63.5cm 21.5cm
X-Large (5T) 15.5-22.5 kgs 45.5-66cm 22cm


I Have a Little Boy - Anything I Need to Do Differently?

With boys, you'll need to make sure when they pull their training pants down and up by themselves that everything is "pointing down." Early on you'll need to check for him, and teach him how to do this himself for the future.

Washing Instructions: Your Best Bottom Training Pants and FeelWET™ Inserts can be washed on warm and tumble dried on low. No softeners or bleach.


All Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Products are made in the USA

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