Baby Bare Bamboo Terry Flats

Baby Bare Bamboo Terry Flats

Baby Bare

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Looking to use traditional flats? These 60cmx60cm (prewashed)  Bamboo Terry flat squares are the perfect choice. They stay soft, are super absorbent and have a bit of stretch for comfort. 

Made of two layers of bamboo terry overlocked together. Silky smooth and easy to care for. 

Use them pad folded as a perfect night solution or fold up as a traditional flat and team with our Honey Wrap Covers.

These are a thick terry once folded and most suitable for larger babies, heavy wetters and night time use. 

To Fold:

We recommend folding in 4 and then folding down to the suitable length in front. 

Choose flats for:

  • Quick Drying
  • Ease of Use
  • Super absorbency.
  • Easy to customise absorbency where its most needed.
Sold individually

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