Bubblebubs Birdseye Cotton Flat Nappies

Bubblebubs Birdseye Cotton Flat Nappies


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Traditional Birdseye Flat Nappies

Available in Organic Birdseye Cotton 

Birdseye Flats are a favourite with families the world over and our super thirsty, unbleached cotton flats are no different.

Traditional Flat nappies have been around for years and while they do require a little bit of ‘origami’, a traditional flat nappy suits babies of all ages and sizes.  They are easy to customise to suit babies that are heavy wetters, tummy sleepers or for the toddler they just won’t stay still for a change.  Fastened with a a nappy fastener (we recommend Snappi's), traditional nappies work best when used with a PUL cover

Birdseye Flats gets softer and fluffier with each wash.  The lightweight nature of the fabric means that it is quick dry and super trim while still remaining super thirsty. 

Birdseye cotton is a woven fabric with a pique texture weave.  The weave looks like a small diamond pattern.  It will arrive to you feeling smooth and thin, but washes up more textured, soft and very thirsty. Birdseye continues to increase in absorbency and become even softer with more use.

The colour is ivory and may have some small natural brown speckles due to being unbleached.

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