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Pop-In Day and Night Time Pants

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(Baby Blossom advice: these are quite trim fitting around the thighs, advised to go a size larger than otherwise and not suitable for chunky thighs over night as might dig in. Tight elastic not such an issue if used during the day as a daytime training pant)

Dry during the day but not quite yet there at night? Love to escape the cost of disposable pull-ups? The Pop-in night-time pants are the perfect reusable solution giving you and your little ones the peace of mind needed for dream filled nights.

Just like the Pop-in day pants, they can be pulled up and down easily, but there is also a full layer of waterproof PUL. Inside, the clever combination of absorbent and waterproof fabrics coupled with the deep elastic cuff help provide the ultimate protection against leaks.

Need a little extra absorbency? Simply pop a small booster into the pocket. We think they are the perfect way to give your nipper a helping hand on the journey to potty independence! Specially designed for night-times.

Sizing (the following sizing is a guide only). Please use in conjunction with the measurements table below:

Medium 18-24 months, 11.5-12.5kg
Large 2-2.5 years, 12.5-13.5kg
XL 2.5+ years, 13.5kg+
2XL is 3.5+years, 15kg+



Outer 100% polyester TPU laminated, inside fast wickingĀ polyester, inner core; 100% polyester


Why choose Pop-in Night Time Pants?

  • Slim and discreet to help boost a childā€™s confidence.
  • Easy to pull up and down by the child.
  • Full waterproof layer and deep elasticised cuffs to help minimise the effects of any accidents.
  • Designed to hold one wee, so they canā€™t be relied on as a nappy. This is aĀ definite bonus when in the final stages of toilet training.

Who are they NOT suitable for?

If your child still requires the absorbency of a nappy, a better option would be a night pant that has capacity for 300+ ml of fluid, like wombutts or motherease bedwetter pants.

Will they leak?Ā 

Like most nappies and training pants, your Pop-in Night Pants will leak if they are overfilled or filled to capacity and left on for a long period. To ensure a leak-free experience, only use the product if you know it is suitable for your childā€™s needs, and change them when you know they have been wet.



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