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Designer Bums - Art Pop - Designer Nappies

Introducing te new Designer Bums Ai2 Nappy. The same Designer Bums trim fit but with the ease of waterproof PUL and this nappy still has a POCKET so you can stuff with extra inserts if you want to. 
  • AI2 OSFM nappy with a super-thirsty tri-layer bamboo snap in rectangle  insert and a long anchor shaped insert for customisable options.
  • Pocket opening for extra boosting or placement options
  • Both inserts are premium 450+ GSM bamboo custom milled 
  • Both inserts have a silky soft Suede cloth topping to draw away wetness but the large anchor insert can be turned over for those who don’t like Suede
  • 2 layer bamboo trifold inserts available separately as a boosting alternative or to add for long stretches, nights or heave wetters
  • Trifold can be laid inside on top, sandwiched in between inserts, placed in the pocket or however the user prefers!
  • Keep in mind they are the signature DB trim size so will not suit all larger babies and children, but will MOST. The nappies are suitable from newborn (approx 3.5kg) all the way through to toilet training (approx 15-17+kgs)
  • Featuring a PUL printed outer with fashion-forward, unique and artistic prints that are unlike other brands.
Price is for one complete nappy with inserts - additional insert sets and boosters available.

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