Pink Daisy Postpartum Organic Cotton Pads - 2 Pack

Pink Daisy

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Stay Dry Postpartum Feminine Pads

Pink Daisy Overnight/Postpartum feminine pads are specially designed for both post-birth and monthly use--and accommodates mild to very heavy flows. Experience the comfort, softness and breathability that organic cotton and microfiber terry provides.

Each package comes with 2 pads in a mini-bag.


Wash your Pink Daisy pads prior to first use.  Snap pads around your underwear so the tag side faces down.

Change pad every 2-6 hours or as needed.  When you are away from home, place the used pads in a Mini Bag until you return home.  Then wash per care instructions. Avoid washing the pads in public facilities. Pink Daisy pads are meant for personal use only, and should not be shared with others.

For one cycle, we recommend between 6-12 small/medium pads and 1-3 large pads, depending on how heavy your flow is and how long your periods normally last.  

Fabric Content:
Waterproof layer: 100% polyester laminate
Hidden layer: 100% polyester
Velour top layer: 90% organic cotton, 10% polyester backing

Made in the USA

Pads measure 13" long x 3.5" wide.

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