Peachy Green Switcheroo Nappy Cover

Peachy Green

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Switcheroo Cover N Two

This well sized cover can be used as both a cover over a flat nappy or insert OR as an all in two nappy with snap in inserts.
  • Use:¬†
    • Pair with your favorite fitted, prefold, contour or flat
    • Or, pair with a Peachy Green Bamboo insert to use as an All-in-Two diaper - hidden snaps at the back of the cover allow you to snap the insert into place.¬†
    • Exposed PUL inside allows you to wipe the cover clean.¬†
    • PUL flaps at the front and back of the cover allow you to tuck any rectangular absorbency (pad-folded flat, trifolded prefold, etc) into place.¬†
  • Fit:¬†
    • The most versatile of the Peachy Green diaper line - this cover fits nicely on baby's legs (thanks to the double-gusset), and is generous enough in coverage to accommodate even your biggest nighttime diapers.¬†
  • Sizing:¬†
    • Size 0
      • 3.1¬†-7.2kgs
      • Rise 38cms
    • Size 1
      • 5.4-12.7kgs
      • Rise 44.4cms
    • Size 2
      • 10.8-15.9kgs
      • Rise 48.2cms
    • Fit Tips
      • Size 1 is the same size as typical one-size covers, and¬†Size 2 is for older/larger toddlers when it is often difficult to find anything large enough
      • The covers are sized generously to fit over even bulky fitteds - when used over trimmer inserts you will find they fit an even wider weight range.¬†
  • What do I need to buy?
    • The Switcheroo cover is sold individually, so you will need to add your own absorbency to this diaper.¬†
    • Want to use as an All-in-Two system?¬†For babies still in the 'runny stool' stage, I recommend planning on 3-4 shells and 8-12 inserts, per day. For washing every other evening, 8 shells and 24 inserts is a solid stash.¬†
    • Once baby is pooping less frequently in addition to requiring fewer wet-diaper changes during the day, you will likely find your two-day stash expands to cover three days.¬†
    • Unlike the Sprout Up Shell - this cover can be wiped clean. Which means you can plan on having fewer shells in rotation, if you wish.¬†

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