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Clip’ems baby blanket clips

30% OFF

Fun and funky, super-practical and really easy to use.

These clips securely fasten your baby’s blanket to their pram or stroller, keeping your baby warm and snug inside their own little cocoon. No more blankets flying off in the wind, and no more fishing blankets out of pavement puddles or grimy gutters.

Pram Blanket Clips

Clip'ems blanket clips fit virtually any pram, buggy or stroller - just clip ’em on and off you go. With the blanket firmly in place, your baby will be well protected from bright sunlight, dust, wind and rain. So they’ll sleep soundly for longer.

Clip’ems baby blanket clips are made from 100% sustainably-produced wood and decorated with non-toxic paints. So they’re safe for your baby and safe for the environment.

Clip'ems Baby Blanket Clips add a bit of bling to any Buggy......

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