Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Bag Totes


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Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Tote Bag

Say goodbye to unsightly nappy buckets with this stylish laundry bag. Waterproof laminated polyester and quality designer cotton prints keep your bag dry and looking fashionable. Plus, once your little ones are out of diapers, reuse the bag as a stylish multi-purpose pool bag, gym bag, grocery bag, or carry-all. Simply zip it up and hang it from a convenient doorknob or hook.

These versatile laundry bags can hold up to 24 nappies and are designed to make using cloth even easier. Besides being designed as your full time wetbag at home, it's also perfect for those overnight trips when you don't want to offend your host with a stinky nappyr pail. Extra wide zippered openings make loading nappies in the bag a breeze. 

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