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Peachy Green Solo Luxe

*Now Available in  One Size Variety*

Our all in one "Solo Luxe" cloth nappies are a great trim fitting option for baby.
The organic cotton and bamboo viscose diaper inner is natural, organic, and easily washable and reusable. Snap diapers will not snag during cleaning, and side snaps give the all in one diaper a trim fit. Whether you call it an all in one, or snap in one because the soaker can snap out (just like an all-in-two, however you never need to unsnap it if you don't want to. Just throw it in the wash and dry attached if you prefer). You can purchase additional insert soakers here.

The Solo Luxe is now available in a One Size Fits Most or the traditional sized options:

Two options - one-size (grows with baby) & sized (the trimmest of the trim)
Size Weight Rise
Size 0 3 - 7kg (7-16lbs) 38cms (15")
Size 1 5.4 - 12.7kg (12-28lbs) 44.4cm (17.5")
Size 2 10.8 - 15.8kg (24-35lbs) 48cms (19")
One Size 4.5 - 15.8kg (10-35lbs)  

Weight is the general weight range the diaper will fit.
Note: your baby's unique shape may differ.

Rise is how high the diaper comes up from crotch to belly button.

Sizing Up
Are you trying to decide whether to go up to the next size diaper? If you go from size 0 to size 1, or size 1 to size 2, here's what you will see:

  • The rise will come up one inch higher in front and back.
  • The diaper will be wider through the bum.
  • The snaps will be one setting tighter.

While we offer a weight chart, babies have such different shapes, weight and age are not the best way to determine fit. Rise is. If the rise fits well, almost always, the diaper will too.

Size 1 is comparable to most one-size diapers on the market, and works for many babies all the way through potty learning. While we cannot predict how large your baby will grow, we can assure you that if need to go larger, we've got you covered with size 2.


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