RAWr Trifold Nappy Insert/Prefold - Clearance

RAWr Trifold Nappy Insert/Prefold - Clearance

RAWr Nappies

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RAWr Nappies Trifolds:

only 1 prefold available (old stock): not labelled as either hemp or bamboo but feels like bamboo. 

Want extra boosting in your hemp prefold or night nappy? Looking for a simple solution to get through the newborn nappying stage? Not a problem. The RAWr trifold hemp nappy insert is a great choice to fold in newborn covers or as nappy boosting in any traditional or modern cloth nappy.

  • Generously sized trim but thirsty hemp fleece (42cm x34cm) absorbs over 200ml
  • For use as boosting in any cloth nappy to improve absorbency with natural, organic and durable fabric
  • Use with any cloth nappies for boosting overnight.

Nappy inserts and boosters come with rainbow overlocking (serging).

  • listing is for one prefold nappy
  • a simple and economical solution for day or night time nappying
  • bamboo prefolds can shrink 3-5% in length and/or width after washing
  • Made with a generous width for most folds that require fastening with pins or nappy fasteners
  • up to 80% more absorbent than cotton prefolds
  • use pad folded in a cover or pocket shell, or fold and fasten with pins or a nappy fastener to use under a cover
  • easy to clean, can be dried in the dryer if required.

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