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Monk n Bear

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Monk n Bear One Size Fits All Nappy

*Monk n Bear nappy with 1 leg elastic that is loose (see pics) and may need replacing - if you're ok to sew your own replacement elastics in then these will be a bargain or just purchase for the insert sets - 1 only available*

Monk n Bear cloth nappies will provide your little ones a comfortable fit from birth to toilet training.

The tried and tested Monk n Bear one size design uses a breathable waterproof outer, lined with a lovely soft suedecloth fabric. Certified organic bamboo inserts are then snapped securely in place providing 3-6 hours of absorbency depending on the individual baby.

As your little monkey grows, the one size nappy adjusts to a range of waist and leg sizes. The bamboo inserts can be adjusted to size and extra liners can be fastened for absorbency when required.

Each nappy comes complete with its 2 inserts, however, if you want to take advantage of the All in Two design you may consider purchasing some extra inserts to make your nappies go even further.

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