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Do I need a special detergent to wash my nappies?

 by babyblossom on 14 Sep 2014 |
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Do I need a special detergent to wash my nappies?

The good news is NO. Most manufacturers will provide specific washing care instructions for their nappies and for warranty it's important to follow these, however most of them usually state simply to use 1/3rd strength of your normal detergent.

Some detergents contain brighteners, softeners, perfumes or other added enzymes  and these are known to be harsh on cloth fabrics. They are not recommended to enhance the longevity of your nappies. Some people also have concerns about harsh chemicals in the washing leaving residue that could effect babies skin.

For this reason we 
recommend using any detergent that is formulated for sensitive skin or babies. For readily accessible brands, we like Purity Sensitve, ecostore or Earth brands. There are also some detergents specifically designed for use with cloth nappies, like Cushie Tushies. Using a detergent formulated with cloth nappies in mind will give you that added peace of mind that you're not unduly wearing down the life of your nappy.
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So while you don't need to change your current brand of detergent, remember to use less than the specified amount to ensure your nappies are long lasting. 


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