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Is a One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappy really going to be all I need?

 by babyblossom on 27 Jun 2014 |
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Will a One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappy really last from birth to toilet traning?

The quick answer is: It depends on how small or big your baby is! 

Many nappy brands offer a OSFM nappy in their range. Typically they are from 4-16kg, but each brand may be have slight variations to this weight range.
So is this range enough to last from birth to potty training? Well, my babies were born over 4kg and fitted their OSFM nappies straight away, a 
smaller newborn might take a few weeks to fit comfortably into a OSFM and a premmie or very small newborn might have no choice but to use a specially sized nappy for

OSFM Bubblebubs Nappies at Baby BlossomAt the other end of the scale my favourite OSFM nappies (Blueberry and Bubblebubs) have fitted
my children well past the recommended weight limits (15-16kgs) while other brands have definately started to get tight when baby reaches that upper weight range.  So, if you have a particularly
large child they might outgrow their nappy before toilet training, but this isn't the norm and you can reliably expect your OSFM to fit bub the whole time they need nappies.

If you are starting your nappy stash in anticipation of your new arrival, and will have no idea how big they are going to be at birth, make sure you have some small/newborn size ones on hand (they will still fit your newborn even if they turn out to be born at 4kg+) to ensure you don't just have OSFMs that are slightly too large to start using straight away. Many mums will use flats and prefolds during the newborn stage when nappy changes are more frequent and this might be a solution too. 



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