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About Swaddlebee and Blueberry Products:  

Blueberry nappies are made in the USA from fabrics sourced in the USA where possible. This not only ensures us that the fabric is manufactured without any possible contaminants that may prove harmful to infants, but we have also found that the quality is more consistent and surpasses that of its imported counterparts.  We tried once to have our diapers made in China, but found the products inferior, they broke too soon, and quality was lost. So after several design knockoffs and losing lots of money we moved back to manufacturing in the USA and have never looked back.

We use latex-free elastics exclusively on all our diapering products. This ensures us that the possibility of babies getting an allergic reaction with sensitivity to latex is greatly reduced, if not eliminated. And just like most of the fabrics we use, our latex-free elastic are made in the USA. When it comes to a baby’s safety, there’s no margin for error. We use the highest quality materials even if they cost more. It helps us sleep better, knowing babies wearing our diapers are sleeping in comfort. All our diapering and nursing products are guaranteed to be free from lead, pthalates and BPA.

We pride ourselves in having one of the most anatomically-correct diapers available. Simply put, our diapers fit great. No sagging, bunching or stuff sticking out. We carefully design our diapers to conform to the unique shape of babies to ensure the best fit, comfort and function. There are lower priced diapers out there. They all catch pee and poop just the same as ours. And since some of them are just copies of our designs, they probably have the same fit.  But what really sets us apart is that we have the biggest selection of super cool prints. I design them in house, and I can say with confidence that they kick ass!

Changing diapers should be something to look forward to, not dreaded and our customers love the designs so much, they could change diapers all day long. They get more excited about receiving our diapers in the mail than shoes. They call it their “fluffy mail”. We actually have some customers who hate it when their baby starts potty training. They don’t want to give up the fluff habit!

Quality, Safe, Gorgeous Nappies - That’s why we’re here!  


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